Thursday, June 4, 2009

Flavored Sugars and Flavored Salts

I love salt. I also love sugar. The combination of both gives my taste buds an exhilarating experience. Have you ever been to the movie theatre enjoying a bag of hot buttered popcorn and all of a sudden have a craving for something sweet, say like chocolate? The two flavors are meant to go together.

But speaking of flavors, why settle for just plain salt or just plain sugar. You can have all kinds of flavored salts and now all kinds of flavored sugars. Imagine the possibilities in your cooking and baking adventures.

I was surprised to hear from Katie, Salt and Chocolate, telling me that I won her give-away of two of her specialty-flavored sugars. She made them herself. She is such a smart girl. The first is a Lemon-Lime Sugar. I will be using this tasty delight on some lemon butter cookies. When baked, I will lightly glaze them and sprinkle with the Lemon-lime for a sweet flavor sensation.

The second is a Vanilla Infused Sugar. This one will go straight into my morning coffee. No, I’m not sharing with Bob or Lily. This one is mine all mine.

I will be adding my own cinnamon-sugar bottle as well as cocoa-sugar bottle. All of these are also great for rimming fruity cocktail glasses. Imagine Katie's Lemon-Lime Sugar rimmed on a glass of a Lemon-Drop Martini. Hmm, lovely.

Thank you Katie. You really made my day.
Now we get to flavored salt. It’s become quite the rage you know. I have to give my daughter-in-law Jennifer credit for introducing me to the world of flavored salts. She and my son Mikey sent me a few packets for my birthday last year. I was very excited to try them out.

I even used the Espresso Salt to sprinkle on some chocolate truffles I made for Christmas. Oh my goodness, it made all the difference in the world.

To learn more about the various types of salts available, visit Chef 2 Chef. Here you’ll get the low down on all the varieties, their origins and their benefits.

When Lily and I went to Dallas in March, we went to the Central Market where I proceeded to purchase even more flavors. Now I’m really rocking. But, the problem was in storing them. Jennifer sent me a few little bottles she found at Bed, Bath and Beyond and they were perfect.

Flavored salts can add just the right amount of taste to a simple dinner. On a diet? Can only have a chicken breast with a salad? No problem. There is no reason for food to taste bland. Sprinkle with some Chile Verde Salt and your mouth will jump for joy. It’s easy to be on a diet if you can add some flavor to it.

Buying flavored salts is one thing. But you can certainly make your own. Check out these links to The Conscious Kitchen and The Steamy Kitchen to get some ideas on how to prepare your own flavored salts. Ideas for preparing finishing salts (as they are also referred to) as Christmas gifts will having you singing jingle bells in no time. It’s never too early for the holidays as far as I’m concerned.

If you keep searching on The Conscious Kitchen site you will also come across Making Your Own Flavored Sugars as well. People who love to cook and bake love these types of gifts for any special occasion. They are not expensive to make and package and it is a gift from the heart. A labor of love. Don’t forget the little bottles to store the salts (and sugars) in.

The cost per bottle? A mere 99 cents. Enjoy life everyone. It’s too short. Put a little flavor in your everyday living. Live each day to the fullest and let the people in your life know how much you care even if it’s only with a 99 cent bottle of homemade flavored salt or sugar.
Sorry about the trouble with the links, they have been corrected now!
Must have had brain freeze!!!
Check out my cake decorating sprinkles jars on the chocolate blog. They look cool!


Ramya Vijaykumar said...

Just a cent under a dollar, mmm all those varieties mmm I am so impressed I once watched a show which was based on salt and they had all kinds salt right from black to pink ;) Those bottles are kewl and definitely a must have in the pantry!!!

Reeni♥ said...

I've never used flavored salts before or sugar. They sound quite delicious! I will have to make myself some of these flavorful goodies!

Happy cook said...

I should go and check out the link you gave.
I have never used flacvoured salt. I think it is a wonderful idea.
And especially for giving gifts for some one who loves to cook.
COngrats on the win.

girlichef said...

Yum. I make my own vanilla sugar, great in coffee!! And you know I love the salts. I even throw a shake into my purse when I go to the movies cuz I don't like the buttery topping...but I do want some flavor!! YUM~

Janna said...

Great, informative post on flavored salts and sugars. I make flavored salts, too in Seattle.

Pineapple Cumin Chili and Apple 5-Spice are the two I've been using most lately. You might find some new ideas from ones we've already done for your kitchen cupboard.


Janna Wemmer
Secret Stash Sea Salts

Adam said...

You're so right about flavoring your food with spice and salt makes all the difference. When I first saw that Lemon Lime Salt (Sprite Salt I'd call it), I was thinking margarita cookies. You had the idea with the butter ones :) Congrats on a winning!

Foodycat said...

These look really good! The lemon lime sugar would be amazing on those cookies you have planned.

Katie said...

Im glad you are enjoying them! Thanks for reading my blog and entering the contest!

foodcreate said...

Wonderful information! I love flavored sugars and flavored salts.Perfect for summer camping I will bring my salt & surgar flavored:)

Thanks for sharing such grand Idea!

Stop by and visit ~~~~

JennDZ - The Leftover Queen said...

What a great idea to make these as gifts, Teresa! I know I would love to receive them as a gift - so why not give them? I use flavored salts a lot. I would love to get back to making holiday gifts this year, and this should go on my list for sure!

Nazarina A said...

You are the Mexican authority when it comes to chillies! I used the tepin chile in one of my dishes.Boy was that little round ball a ball of fire, nevertheless it was good.
I missed you!