Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Somebody Loves Me!!!

I got this crazy cute award from two (not one) foodies.

http://kahakaikitchen.blogspot.com/ and


Just want to say I love you guys too. You always visit my blog and have wonderful things to say.
These ladies are fabulous.

Reeni's blog makes me feel like I’m coming home for a great home cooked meal. She’s warm and lovely and takes great photos. Stop by her blog and say hello.

Deb, this girl drives me crazy. She makes all this incredible food…in Hawaii. I love going to her blog because she makes me feel like I’m right there by the ocean sipping a nice cold drink and watching the waves roll in. Also stop by her blog to say hello.

So, now it's my turn. I'd like to give this award to:

Michele from Life, Lightly Salted.
Michele is down to earth, very natural and open and I LOVE her blog design, crossbones and all. She’s really a love..and her cooking is great. So stop by her blog as well and say howdy to Michele.

Gloria from Cookbook Cuisine.
Gloria is an amazing woman, blogger, and author. She never tires of teaching other foodies how they can publish their own incredible cookbooks. She writes, she cooks, and she still makes time to go see her grandchildren's football games. Visit Gloria's blog and say hello.

Now, for Michele's meme challenge.
Sweet or salty?
Both of course. It’s like when you go to the movies and you get popcorn. You absolutely have to have some CHOCOLATE to go with it. It’s just a natural taste sensation.
Which ingredient(s) do you use most?
Onions and tomatoes. Most border dishes I make contain these and I’d be lost without them. I was devastated with the salmonella outbreak.
What’s the cooking sound you most love?
Sizzling, popping, and the drip, drip, drip of my coffee maker.
What’s your favorite cooking smell?
Bread baking in the oven and the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.
What are the qualities you most admire in a dish?
The natural look. I have a hard time eating foods that have been architecturally designed for looks and not taste.
What is your most treasured possession in the kitchen?
My coffee maker, I start and end the day with a fresh brewed cup.
What is a dirty word in your kitchen?
This needs more salt! I don’t use a lot of salt when I’m cooking because my people always reach for the saltshaker before even trying a dish.
What are you afraid to do in the kitchen?
Falling. I always listen to music when I cook, so I start dancing around. Lord help me if I spill something and I do a moonwalk, there she goes, she’s flat on her butt.
What won’t you eat?
Slimy stuff, like oysters.
Have you ever lost your appetite for a food you once loved?
Not yet, but if Bob keeps insisting on steak every weekend, that might be the first.
Have you ever had a change of heart involving a food you once disliked?
Spinach. My mom used to make me eat it as a child. I hated it. But now, I really like it, especially fresh in a salad.
If you could choose one historical or living cook to make you a meal right now, who and what would it be?
Ina Garten. I love the Barefoot Contessa.
Who are your favorite cookbook authors/food writers?
There are so many, but I must say that I am enjoying the self-made cookbooks by some of the foodies I’ve met.
What is your favorite food-related word?
CHOOLATE and Tequila
What is your favorite food-related scene from literature or the movies?
I absolutely love the Grand Hall scenes in the Harry Potter movies where the students sit down to eat. Can you imagine having anything you want with a wave of a wand?

Enjoy the rest of your day. I'm cooking Caldo de Albondigas (Meatball Soup). I'll put that up in the next post.
Don't skip out on my chocolate blog. I found some new stuff you'll really like. Aprovecho.


Michele said...

You moonwalk in the kitchen? I'd love to see that! I can't do much in my kitchen...in fact if I turn around to fast I can see my own backside. I loved your answers!! And thanks a million for the award. Makes me feel very special. Now if I can get a few minutes away from work I'll go post my award and try to catch up.

Gloria Chadwick said...

Teresa, Thank you so much, sweetie! You've made my day. I love you, too. You're my favorite foodie friend, even before you gave me this award! :) Hugs.

Megan said...

Hi Teresa, Congrats on the award. It's always nice when people think of you.
I have a question and I couldn't find your e-mail. My question is Is there an easy way to break the piloncillo cone. That was a bugger trying to break up.

Joan said...

Hi there, I just found your blog today and I just love it. I am a fellow Texan from San Antonio and I just love all your recipes! My daughter and I have been laughing our heads off at your "Mexican words of the day"! I am new to the blogging world. I just created a beginning yesterday. Hopefully I can do as well has you have!
P.S. I have had so many of these dishes here and I am so excited to try your recipes.

Ben said...

That's because you are so lovable :p

Debinhawaii said...

Teresa--you are so sweet! The award is from the heart and perfect for you!