Saturday, July 26, 2008

I Got An Award!

Tina, my fellow Texan, from Mommys Kitchen bequeathed me with an award. I'm so overjoyed, I can't begin to tell you. Thank you Tina, you really are a sweetheart. So, as with this new tradition (new for me), I in turn have awarded 5 more people. Please log onto their sites and congratulate them. They are as follows.

Sara, , Sweets by Sarah. Sarah, I love your site because it's not only delicious, but more importantly, healthy. Zucchini Chocolate Chip die for.

Vanessa, 3R's Cake and Cupcakes. Vanessa I fell in love with your princess cake. I do plan on making a Sleeping Beauty version for my daughter.

Katie, Salt and Chocolate. The sweet and spicy concept has always had an appeal for me. Thank you for sharing that idea with us.

Meryl, Inspired Bites. Meryl, I've always loved your wonderful photography. You are such a pro.
And I will not be accused of being a female sexist. There is a man on the list.

Adam, Baking with Dynamite. What can I say about Adam...he's a chiropractic, body-building man who loves to cook. Does it get any better than that?
Congratulations everyone. You all deserve it. There are so many more I would love to award this to, but I guess everyone takes a turn. Remember! You guys in turn need to award this to five other wonderful sites of your choosing. I love this. Foodies are the best people in the whole world.


Meryl said...

Thank you so very much, Teresa! It's a very pretty award, and I'm very flattered that you chose to give it to me, and appreciative. I will put myself to work thinking of which 5 wonderful bloggers to share it with!

Adam said...

Oh, Teresa this is awesome. Thank you very much. My first award! Very cool. I'm very glad we've become such good blogging friends :)

I'll put up the award first thing... now I just have to do some thinking.

Julie said...

Congratulations Teresa

Neen said...

Hey, Congratulations on your award! I just discovered you through Esi's site, and I'm really excited about your cookbook! I'm getting really interested in real Mexican cooking after having a wonderful culinary experience in El Paso. Just made my first enchiladas last week, so I'll definitely be back for inspiration!

Anonymous said...



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