Saturday, September 20, 2008

"How To Cook Like Your Grandmother" by Drew Kime

Name: “How To Cook Like Your Grandmother”, by Drew Kime
Blog: How to Cook Like Your Grandmother
Purpose: Ecookbook

Today was a day for me to acquire another cookbook and sit back and relish the words of knowledge and wisdom that only another foodie and cookbook author can impart. The cookbook procured was one written by foodie extraordinaire, Drew Kime. You can find Drew on the Left-Over Queen’s foodie blogroll commenting and assisting others on the blogroll with his wonderful expertise in basic, down to earth, natural cooking, just like his Grandmother use to make.

His ebook, which is also available in hardcopy, can be purchased through LuLu, a service set up on the Internet for the selling and distribution of digital products.

I purchased the book as an ebook and proceeded to print it so that I could sit back and take in all the wonderful recipes it contained.

The foreword in his book declares his appreciation for what he calls “real food”. Not that stuff that is being sold and prepared in fast food restaurants . He gives wonderful examples of the satisfaction that eating real food can give you as opposed to the processed stuff you get today. He says, “There are some things that we should never eat. Not because they’re bad for us, although some of them are, but because they were never more than poor substitutes for the real thing.”

There are eight food sections and one section on techniques and ingredients. All worth reading. Drew’s style is lighthearted and very down to earth with no-holds barred. He gives you his philosophy about food preparations and consumption.

For foodies and others who appreciate originality in cookbook design, I recommend “How to Cook Like Your Grandmother.” The recipes are straightforward and easy to prepare.

Go to Drew’s blog and onto the LuLu link to purchase his cookbook. You have a choice of purchasing in printed version or ebook (digital).

I know you will enjoy this gem of a culinarys’ viewpoint on the foods we prepare in our everyday lives.


Adam said...

Nice review Teresa. I love the title of the book, because isn't that something all of us aspire to do? I'll make sure to check out the blog :)

Oh, and make sure you show that 5 pounder who's the boss!

Ivy said...

Nice review Teresa. It's nice to see books like these and thank God most of us foodies still cook like our grandmothers did.

Alicia Foodycat said...

Hi Teresa - I wouldn't use chickpeas for my pasta dish (of course you could if you wanted to!) if you can't get fresh fava beans I'd be more inclined to go with frozen green peas. You want a "green" taste to it!

I like this review of Drew's book - pity my grandmother couldn't cook to save herself!

Thistlemoon said...

YAY for Drew's book! :)

Gotta love the Grandmas!

Anonymous said...



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